Why Instruct Here
FlightSafety Academy is located in beautiful Vero Beach, Florida. Florida is a prime location to train - we have approximately 320 days per year suitable for flight training and 25% of all the FAA licenses issued in the US are through the Orlando, Florida FSDO. In addition, with more than 137 airports in Florida there are a wide range of Operational Scenarios.

FlightSafety Academy owns close to 100 aircraft on our extensive 30-acre campus facility. Our unparalleled reputation for providing high-level training and the immersive aviation experience is known throughout the industry.

We Offer
  • Ability to earn more than 100 hours of dual given per month
  • Paid for brief and flight time
  • On campus housing during standardization
  • Instructor mentors
  • Scheduling assistance
  • Free rating opportunities
  • SIC opportunities at other FlightSafety International locations
  • Part 145 maintenance aircraft
  • Check instructor opportunities
  • Squawk crew available during all business hours to allow you to focus on what's important: flying
  • European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) qualification

Instructor Rewards Program
  • Receive one point towards a free-type rating for each hour of dual instruction given at FlightSafety Academy
  • The Reward Points have no cash value, are not transferable, expire 12 months from the last day of employment and only available to flight instructors of FlightSafety Academy

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