At the Academy, you'll be immersed in aviation. Our convenient on-campus housing makes a comfortable home away from home - and lets you concentrate solely on your training. All academy accommodations are centrally located, within easy walking distance of academic buildings, recreational center, and the flight line.

On campus housing options include studio, apartment, and dormitory layouts. All housing options come fully furnished and are equipped with cable TV, WIFI and air conditioning. On-campus housing is reserved and assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Off campus housing is also available with many options within biking distance to the Academy. However if you have transportation available to you the sky is the limit! Many rental options are available to include apartments, condos, individual rooms as well as homes of any size. We recommend checking the internet as well as establishing contact with a real estate agent if interested in pursuing off campus housing options.

On and Off Campus Housing Link

For additional information on the various housing options, please contact our Housing Manager at 1-800-800-1411 or 772-564-7600.

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