Financial Assistance


For those who qualify, students at FlightSafety Academy may now apply to receive funding up to the full cost of attendance through Sallie Mae private loans for those who qualify. Features and benefits of the Career Training Smart Option Loan are shown below.


Interest Rate/Fees/In-school Repayment Term:

  • Variable interest rates from 4.50% APR to 11.64% APR.1
  • No origination fees and no prepayment penalty.
  • Choose affordable fixed payments of $25 a month2 or make full interest payments save even more.1
  • Repayment Term: 5-15 years2. Repayment term will vary based on loan amount and year in school.
Special Features/Benefits:
  • Auto Debit Savings - 0.25 percentage point interest rate reduction for automatic debit enrollment.3
  • Smart Reward® - 2% cash back on scheduled payments made on time while in school.4
  • Quarterly FICO® Credit Scores are now available online for free - You can now view your quarterly FICO® Score by logging into your Sallie Mae® account. You'll also receive access to the key factor(s) affecting your score and educational content to help you understand why viewing your FICO® Score is important. This free benefit is available to both borrowers and cosigners.5
  • Borrow up to 100% of your school-certified cost of attendance.6
  • Death and disability loan forgiveness. If a student borrower dies or becomes permanently and totally disabled, Sallie Mae will waive all remaining payments on the loan.
  • Applying with a creditworthy cosigner may help you qualify and/or receive a lower interest rate. After graduation a borrower may apply for their cosigner to be released from the loan once they have made 12 consecutive, on-time principal and interest payments and meet certain credit requirements.7 Releasing the cosigner will not adversely impact the rate on your loan.
Eligibility/Application Process:
  • Available to students enrolled full time, half time, and less than half time.
  • Student or cosigner can initiate the application process at It only takes about 15 minutes to apply online and get a credit result.

Encouraging Responsible Borrowing
Sallie Mae has helped more than 30 million Americans pay for college since 1972. We encourage students and families to supplement their savings by exploring grants, scholarships, federal and state student loans, and to consider the anticipated monthly payments on their total student loan debt and their expected future earnings before considering a private education loan. Visit for additional information. Terms, conditions and limitations apply.

Wells Fargo Collegiate® Student Loan

A Wells Fargo Collegiate® student loan may help you pay for the costs associated with your professional and commercial flight training program.1 Eligible students may receive:

  • No payments until you graduate or leave school2
  • No application, origination, or early repayment fees
  • Competitive fixed or variable interest rate options
  • Funds up to the cost of education minus other financial aid3
  • A quick and convenient application process
  • Wells Fargo’s best-in-class service from initial application through the last payment

A cosigner may help you qualify for a private student loan and potentially get a lower interest rate but is not required to apply.

Borrowers may request an aviation internship forbearance that would temporarily postpone monthly payments while completing their flight training hours4. Individuals qualifying for the aviation internship forbearance are able to postpone monthly payments up to 24 months after completing school.

When it comes to financing your education, be sure to look at all of your options – including grants, scholarships, and loans from all sources – and make careful comparisons among all your choices. If you determine that a private student loan is right for you, we may be able to provide loans to help meet the needs of nearly every student.

For more information you can call 1-877-451-5039 or visit

1. Wells Fargo private student loans are subject to credit qualification, completion of a loan application/consumer credit agreement, verification of application information and, if applicable, a self-certification form, the school’s certification of loan amount, and the student’s enrollment at a Wells Fargo-participating school.
2. Students are not required to make payments while in school; repayment begins 6 months after you graduate or leave school. The maximum in-school period is 7 years after the date of first disbursement. Interest accrues during any deferment periods, including the in-school period, and is capitalized to the loan upon entering repayment.
3. Loan amount is dependent on the loan product, other financial aid, creditworthiness, and other factors. Aggregate and annual loan limits apply. The cost of attendance is determined and certified by the educational institution.
4. Interest continues to accrue during any forbearance period and will be capitalized to the account upon entering repayment.


AOPA’s Flexible Aviation Loan removes the cost barrier so more students can start and complete their training.

After filling out a quick online application your students should receive a decision within 1 business day.


  • Private pilot's license for as little as $100-$200 a month for 84 months*.
  • Instrument rating for as little as $120 a month for 84 months.*
  • Multi rating for as little as $50 a month for 84 months*.

Students can borrow as little as they need or as much as $100,000.

VA Benefits

FlightSafety Academy has been proudly approved for VA Benefits since 1970. Eligible U.S. Veterans can qualify for education benefits reimbursement for approved flight training above the private pilot license.

For specific questions regarding VA eligibility and benefits at the Academy, please email our VA Coordinator or visit the VA's website at

At FlightSafety Academy, we appreciate your service and commitment to our country and now as a Veteran you can move forward with your next career goal and FlightSafety Academy looks forward to guiding you.


FlightSafety Academy does not offer scholarships. Many aviation-related organizations do, but opportunities are limited. The following links might provide a good start for your search:

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