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Fernando Guimaraes
FlightSafety Academy Graduate, Class of 1987

I graduated from Flight Safety in 1987 and have flown over 14,000 hrs. The training that I received was excellent. I am now a successful airline captain in Brazil.

Constantinos Felios
FlightSafety Academy Graduate, Class of 1998

I am happy to contact the Academy after 12 years! My name is Constantinos, I come from Greece and I left FlightSafety in 1998, having completed the Commercial Pilot program. The memories I have from the Academy couldn't be better! Fortunately in the year 1999, my dream about making it to the airlines became true! I joined Olympic Airlines! Worked till last year, when Olympic was privetized, and today I got a total of about 5,000 flight hours, 4,300 of witch are in Boeing 737s! I have excellent studying habits, never been involved in an incident, and always practice safe flying, trying to keep my standards to the highest. I really look forward to the opportunity of flying to the east coast and visiting the Academy again after all these years! Thank you very much for your attention. Sincerely yours, Constantinos Felios

Patrick Wergers
FlightSafety Academy Graduate, Class of 2005

I was at the Academy in 2005, as part of the German RWL Flight School program, and I have to say, that these three months of flying will never be forgotten. Very good instructors, very professional facilities and lots of aircraft which were all in very good shape. In the meantime, I am in the process of getting the command on a Challenger 605. After 5 years in business aviation with ratings on Citation, Challenger and Global Express, this is the next huge step in my career. Thank you again for the very good training. Most of the German RWL FlightSafety students are flying for Air Berlin, Condor, Tuifly, Aerologic and in business aviation,for example Vistajet, Netjets and TAG Aviation. So- this proves a lot. Best regards and always happy landings.

Ryan S. Backus
Lockheed Martin

I graduated from Vero in 1992 and have since earned a great job with Lockheed Martin Corporate Aircraft In Baltimore. I fly as Captain in the G-200 and GV aircraft worldwide. Since I was hired five years ago, I was also recommended as the company's Flight Safety Officer a job which I take seriously and throughly enjoy. I hope he takes my recommendation very seriously and learns from one of the best! I continually sing FlightSafetys' praises everytime some line guy asks, "how do you get THIS job?"

Ian Cooper
British Airways

I completed a CAA 509 AB-INITIO course at Vero Beach in 1998. The training that I received was excellent and gave me a great foundation from which to launch my career in aviation. I am now a successful airline pilot with British Airways.
Jackie Kohler
First Officer
Atlantic Southeast Airlines
FlightSafety Academy Graduate, Class of 2004

The main reasons why I chose FlightSafety Academy was for its reputation, the facilities, and the opportunities beyond completion of my ratings. I was an ASA flight attendant for three years, so of course I asked the pilots that I worked with where they thought I should go. Most of them went to FlightSafety Academy, and the ones who didn't wish they would have. Their opinion meant a lot to me because I wanted to go to a school that was as serious about my future career as I was. I also wanted to get one of the best education possible. Once I visited FlightSafety Academy with my dad, I knew this was where I wanted to go. Everything was very professional and the people were very friendly. You could tell that everyone liked being there. The maintenance facility impressed me as well. You could practically eat off of the floor. I also chose the Academy because they have the direct track program with ASA. I eventually wanted to go back to the company, and by going to FlightSafety Academy that would become possible. Looking back at my choice, I’m so glad I chose the Academy. Although it was a substantial investment, I would not have spent my money anywhere else. They care about your education and your career goals. Thanks to my training, preparation and the direct track program from FlightSafety Academy, I am currently a first officer at ASA.

Juliette Carriere
First Officer
Atlantic Southeast Airlines
FlightSafety Academy Graduate, Class of 2002

I attended FlightSafety Academy to complete all of my flight training – from my Commercial Pilot license to my Flight Instructor license. In the time I studied at the Academy, I had the opportunity to take part in training that gave me the skills to achieve my goals of flying for an airline. The instructors on the flight line were always willing to help with anything that I felt I needed more work on and the ground instructors never hesitated to stay a little longer after class to answer questions. Overall, FlightSafety Academy was a fantastic environment to learn and have fun in!

Mike Berkowitz
First Officer
Murray Air
FlightSafety Academy Graduate, Class of 2004

My decision to attend FlightSafety Academy was made the moment my dad and I walked into the administration building for our tour. We had done the time-honored tradition of visiting every big name flight school in southern Florida, but the Academy sold itself. By having students give tours rather than a sales person, we saw right away that there was nothing to hide. The training I received not only helped me to become a proficient and safe pilot in a short time, but it also helped me become a professional. From airline style uniforms to ID badges, from the aircraft dispatch center to a weather briefing facility, from Crew Resource Management classes to the airline-style cockpit environment used during flight lessons, from the pristine fleet to the ground-based flight training devices, FlightSafety Academy had everything to prepare me for the work environment an airline pilot encounters day in and day out. When Murray Air hired me in the fall of 2004, while very excited and a bit overwhelmed, I was not surprised. The environment and professionalism at the Academy is what prepared me for my first airline job, and I acknowledge that every time I walk on the ramp to my airplane.

Mike Brischetto
Business Jet Direct Apprentice
FlightSafety Academy Graduate, Class of 2001

My flying career started with the FlightSafety Academy in Vero Beach, Florida, and from the first flight I took with the academy, I was trained to become a professional pilot. From the ground schools to the flight line, the instructors always went a step further to ensure quality training that has helped me achieve a very promising career in aviation. While at FlightSafety Academy, my training was further enhanced by a fleet of nearly 100 aircraft, including 20 new Seminole multi-engine aircraft, that are all very well maintained through FlightSafety's own FAA approved maintenance facility. While continuing my aviation career with FlightSafety International in Tucson, Arizona on the LR-Jet, I’ve found there are endless opportunities for FlightSafety Academy graduates in the aviation community. Just yesterday, I was offered a job as a Captain on the Learjet 35 and 55 for a 135 operation in the San Francisco Bay Area!

John Orr
B767 First Officer – Florida West
FlightSafety Academy Graduate, Class of 2001

FlightSafety Academy gave me the training to become an airline pilot. At the Academy, they have knowledgeable ground school and flight instructors and a great fleet of planes in top shape. Furthermore, the atmosphere at the Academy is friendly between students and employees. You will not regret going to FlightSafety Academy!

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